List of Miami Indian Allottees in Indian Territory

Every member of the Miami Tribe living on April 23, 1889, received an allotment of 200 acres.  It is important to note the date, as it is several years after many members moved to Indian Territory.  Though an estimated 85 citizens moved from the Kansas lands, only 66 were living at the point of allotment.

Numerical Index of Allottees by Allotment Number

  1.   John Miller
  2.   Esther Miller Dagenett
  3.   Lewis W. Miller
  4.   David Geboe
  5.   Mary Bridget Leonard Geboe
  6.   Minnie Geboe Trinkle
  7.   Oscar LaFalier
  8.   Henry LaFalier
  9.   Mary ‘Necy’ LaFalier Gobin
  10.   David LaFalier
  11.   Jessie LaFalier Youngblood
  12.   William ‘Wayne’ Drake
  13.   Louisa Drake Roseberry
  14.   Lucy Josephine ‘Josie’ Geboe Paup Fulkerson
  15.   Mary Louise Roubidoux Leonard
  16.   Jane Pigeon Drake
  17.   Mary Drake VanDusen
  18.   Josephine ‘Josie’ Drake Pope
  19.   David H. Drake
  20.   Edward Drake
  21.   Sarah Drake Horton
  22.   Milton D. Drake, Jr.
  23.   John L. Drake
  24.   Thomas S. Drake
  25.   Martha ‘Marchie’ Drake Hale Runkle
  26.   Mary Adeline Boure Dollar Billington
  27.   Theodore W. Dollar
  28.   Silver ‘Luddie’ Dollar Lucas
  29.   Adeline G. Billington Leonard
  30.   Milton Howard Billington
  31.   Margaret ‘Peggy’ Davis Bright
  32.   John L. Bright
  33.   Florence ‘Flora’ Bright
  34.   Columbus Bright
  35.   George W. Leonard
  36.   Charles W. Leonard
  37.   Helen Leonard Sims
  38.   Barbara ‘Anna’ Leonard Murray Schultz
  39.   Louisa Geboe Leonard
  40.   Thomas F. Richardville
  41.   Mary Lindsey Richardville
  42.   Hannah Richardville McManaman
  43.   Catherine Richardville Simpson
  44.   Charles W. Richardville
  45.   Lizzie Lindsey Palmer
  46.   Thomas ‘Harley’ Palmer
  47.   Charles S. Welch
  48.   Sophia Roubidoux Bluejacket Goodboo LaFalier
  49.   Mary Shapp Wea Buck Daugherty
  50.   Frank Buck, Jr.
  51.   Susan Crawfish
  52.   Luella Isadore Crawfish Beaver Quapaw Wilson
  53.   Peter Shapp
  54.   Lizzie Davis Thompson McCoontz
  55.   Susan Bigleg Benjamin Medicine
  56.   Isadora Labadie Smith
  57.   Frank D. Aveline
  58.   Rose Ann Bertrand Mahiner Kishco Keah
  59.   Lizzie Mahiner Gokey
  60.   Joseph Kishco
  61.   Mary Louise Richardville Pooler
  62.   Francis C. ‘Frank’ Pooler
  63.   Louis David Pooler
  64.   Rose Ann Richardville Demo
  65.   Charles M. Demo
  66.   Edward G. Harris

Miami Allotment Register, 1890

The record of the Miami Allotment was kept in a register by the Indian Agent at Quapaw Agency.  The register records myaamia names, English names, ages, land selections, and often other information as well.  The original register is held by the National Archives, and housed at the regional branch of the Archives at Fort Worth.  Though the full register includes other area tribes as well, we have provided the five pages that list the allottees of the Miami Tribe here.  (Click on an image to see a larger view.)

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