aya aya!

In the myaamia heritage language, myaamionki means “The Place of the Miami.”  This website, created with support from a grant through the Historic Preservation Grants Division of the National Park Service, is dedicated to bringing information about places of historical significance to the myaamiaki to our tribal community, and particularly our tribal youth.


The first contributions to the site are a product of our grant project examining Miami tribal allotments in Ottawa County, Oklahoma.  Research resulted in the publication of “keehkaapiišamenki: A History of the Allotment of Miami Lands in Indian Territory.”  Tribal researchers have worked to substantiate historical accounts of arrival dates into Indian Territory, when tribal members were removed to the present location, which tribal members were allotted, and where they were allotted.

A map of the allotments in the Miami, Oklahoma area is available.   We will be adding more information to the allottee biographies, historic documents, and contemporary photos of myaamionki, so come back and visit again!  If you have photos, documents, or information to add, please leave us a comment!