Allotment #24: Thomas Drake

Thomas Drake & wife, June Leach Drake, Photo courtesy Ann Herrera.

Thomas Sumner Drake

Born: 18 April 1887  Died: March 1961

Like several others in the family, Thomas Drake farmed in Ottawa County until the late 1920s, and then moved to Kansas City to work in the Stockyards.  He married Beatrice June Leach and together they had nine children: Vernon, Jane, Nadene, Bonnie, Maurice, Jean, Betty, Thomas, and Iona.  Coincidentally, Beatrice was Angie Leach Billington’s sister, so Howard Billington’s daughters and Tom Drake’s children were first cousins.  Many of his descendants still live in the Kansas City area.  His daughter Iona Learned is now 83 years old and living in Manhattan, Kansas.