Allotment #58: Rose Ann Mahiner Kishco


Rose Ann Bertrand Mahiner Kishco Keah

Born: about 1846 Died: about 1907

The daughter of Akima Napihšinka and a Myaamia woman whose name was written as Cha-ka-sak-wah, it is believed that Rose Ann was born shortly after the removal to Kansas.  Her parents never had English names, and she was not likely known by her Anglicized name of Rose Ann until an adult.  She married Joseph Bertrand around 1867, and had a daughter, Madeline, who died as a toddler.  Several years later she married a man whose surname was Mahiner; his given name is alternately recorded as Jack or David.  Her daughter Lizzie was born after the relocation to Indian Territory, but before allotments were made.  Though no record of what happened to her second husband has been found, it is evident she also married a man named John (nicknamed Nephew) Kishco, and had a son, Joseph.  After the death of both Nephew and Joseph, Rose Ann married once more.  In 1902, she was married to Joseph Keah, an Ottawa Indian.  Though an official record of her death has not been found, she stops appearing in tribal records around 1907, so she likely died in 1907 or 1908.