Allotment #53: Peter Shapp

Peter Shapp, and his wife, Julia (Stafford) Shapp, Quapaw.


Peter Shapp

Born: 17 September 1875  Died: 21 June 1934

By the time the United States began enumerating Native Americans annually through the Indian Census Rolls in 1885, Peter Shapp was listed on the Miami Roll as an orphan.  His father, believed to be John Shapp, appears to have died around 1881, and his mother Jane (Gokey) Shapp passed sometime shortly thereafter.  It is likely that John Shapp was a son of John Shapp and Mihšiiminaapowa, making Peter a nephew of Susan Crawfish and Mary Buck.  Since he is nearly always listed adjacent to Susan or Mary on tribal census rolls, it is likely they cared for him while he was a boy.  Though his grave marker notes a birthdate of 1875, earlier records imply he was born as early as 1870, and his given birthplace alternates as Kansas and Oklahoma, so he may have been born very near the time of removal of the Myaamia to Indian Territory.

Peter was married to Julia Stafford on March 14, 1894, by Thomas Richardville.  Julia was a Quapaw tribal member, and their nine children were also citizens of the Quapaw Tribe.  The Shapp family lived in the Quapaw land near Spring River, and many Shapp descendants still live in that area today.  Their first son, John, passed away as a toddler.  This was followed by the births of Mary, Harry, Thomas, Urban, Francis, Christina, Flossie Merla, and Charles.