Allotment #6: Minnie Geboe Trinkle

Joseph and Minnie Trinkle, Photo courtesy Melisa Palmer.

Minnie Mae Geboe Trinkle

Born: 6 February 1872  Died: 30 November 1910    

Minnie was born in Kansas but was likely just an infant when the Myaamiaki relocated to Indian Territory.  Just as her parents’ marriage did a generation before, Minnie Geboe’s marriage to Joseph Lee Trinkle brought two Myaamia families together.  Joseph’s parents were Henry Trinkle and Mary Josephine Bundy.  Though Joseph was included on a list of tribal citizens agreeing to become a United States citizen (thereby giving up tribal citizenship) and stay in Kansas in 1871, his wife was not, so she received an allotment in Indian Territory.  Minnie and Joseph were married in 1888, and they had three children before his death in 1894.  They were Mary “Pearl” (Trinkle) Alsbaugh, Mabel (Trinkle) Olds, and Ernest Trinkle.  Minnie was only 38 years old when she passed away.  Though the two girls were married by then, Ernest was fifteen and remained in the care of his grandmother Mary Geboe.