Allotment #9: Mary ‘Necy’ LaFalier Gobin

Mary ‘Necy’ LaFalier; Hylton Collection, Myaamia Heritage Museum & Archive

Mary ‘Necy’ LaFalier Gobin

Born: 28 June 1872  Died: 21 October 1949

This LaFalier sibling was always known by her nickname “Necy.”  The daughter of Peter and Mary (Beck) LaFalier, Necy married Harold Gobin in 1893, and had three children: Musa, Raymond, and Marion.  Marion was born in 1897, and lived just five days.  Necy’s husband Harold died six years after they were married, in 1899.  She never remarried.  Between 1910 and 1915, Necy and her daughter Musa moved to Starr Valley, Nevada.  Musa met and married Robert Hylton, and the couple soon moved to Eureka, California.  It was at this point where mother and daughter separated, Musa to the west and Necy went east.  Necy found work in Nebraska as a housekeeper for a short time before returning to Miami.  Like her mother, Musa was also widowed at a relatively young age, in the late 1940s.  After Robert’s death, Musa returned to Ottawa County and lived with Necy until Necy’s death in 1949.