Allotment #15: Mary Louisa Roubidoux Leonard

Mary Louisa Roubidoux Leonard

Born: 4 September 1830  Died: 28 February 1894

Mary Louisa Roubidoux was born on the reserve of her grandmother Josette Beaubien, near Fort Wayne, Indiana.  She was the sister of Eecipoonkwia (John Baptiste Roubidoux), who would become chief of the Miami Nation in Kansas. It appears from records that her family moved north and settled in Michigan for a period of time prior to the removal of the Myaamia from Indiana.  This move was possibly precipitated by the death of her father, Joseph Roubidoux, in 1842.  While in Michigan, in 1851, she married Moses Leonard.  Their daughter Mary Bridget Leonard married David Geboe and received her own allotment.  One of the eldest allottees, Mary Louisa died just a few years after the allotment process was completed.