Allotment #26: Mary Adeline Boure Billington

Mary Adeline Billington (seated), Photo courtesy Brooke Eastburn.


Mary Adeline Boure Dollar Billington

Born: September 1853  Died: 18 December 1933

Mary Adeline was the daughter of John Baptiste Boure, Jr., and Roseann Geboe, the sister of Chief David Geboe.  Family stories say that John Boure, Jr., left for better opportunities on the western frontier in the late 1850s and was never heard from again.  Mary Adeline’s mother, Roseann, later married John Sharkey and had one other son.   Mary Adeline married Winchell Theodore Dollar, a Dutch immigrant, in about 1868 while still in Kansas.  They had several children, but only two, Theodore and Silver, lived out of childhood.  Mary Adeline divorced Mr. Dollar and married Asariah Billington in about 1883.  They had four more children: Addie, Milton Howard, Rose Ann, and Frank.  All told, by 1900, Mary Adeline had given birth to 13 children, but only 6 were then living.  After a life of such hardship and loss, it is easy to believe the family stories that portray Mary Adeline as a “feisty” woman, handy with a pipe and shotgun.