Allotment #52: Luella Isadore Crawfish Beaver Quapaw

Photo courtesy Quapaw Tribal Library


Luella Isadore Crawfish Beaver Quapaw Wilson

Born: 21 March 1882  Died: 15 October 1970

Luella Isadore Crawfish was born to Thomas and Susan Crawfish in Indian Territory, and lived in the Quapaw and Peoria area all her life.  She was married three times: to Alexander Lewis Beaver (1900), Solomon Quapaw (about 1909), and Reed Wilson (sometime after 1924).  Isadore always maintained her membership in the Miami Nation, but her children were all counted as citizens of their fathers’ tribe, the Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma.  Her children by Beaver were Amos, Victor, Mary Francis, and Orville.  Her children by Quapaw are Luella B., Elmer Thomas, Cecilia, James Henry, Edward L., and Maude E.