Allotment #45: Lizzie Lindsey Palmer


Lizzie Lindsey Palmer

Born: 5 May 1860 Died: unknown

Lizzie Lindsey was the daughter of Martonah (Mary) and Marcus Lindsey. Martonah was a Myaamia woman and Marcus Lindsey was of Peoria descent. After Marcus died in 1867, martonah married Thomas F. Richardville.  Lizzie Lindsey married James Palmer in 1880. Mr. Palmer was an instrumental figure in establishing the town of Miami, and was its first postmaster.  In 1881, Lizzie gave birth to their only child, Thomas Harley Palmer.  Lizzie and Harley’s allotted land was located the farthest east of any Miami allotments, near the current-day G. A. R. Cemetery. When the Quapaw Agency Competency Commissioners interviewed Mrs. Palmer in 1910, they found her and her family to be “in prosperous condition.” The family continued to live in Miami until James Palmer’s death in 1936.  By 1940, Lizzie was living with her grandson Moody Palmer’s family in Fort Washakie, Wyoming.  Her whereabouts thereafter are unknown.