Allotment #18: Josie Drake Pope


Josephine ‘Josie’ Drake Pope

Born: 28 February 1872  Died: 19 July 1958

Though the Drake family is well known for their homeplace on Jane Drake’s allotment, Josie’s recorded birthplace was Chetopa, Kansas, just across the state border to the north.  It is quite possible the family retained a residence there until the farmhouse construction was complete.  Josie Drake married John Adams Pope in Miami, Indian Territory, on September 3, 1895. They had three sons: Milton Bismark, John A., Jr., and Douglas.  The Pope family moved to Texas around 1900.  John Pope was a lawyer and his sons followed in his footsteps of practicing law.  All three sons served in the military during World War I.  Douglas tragically died in an accidental drowning when he was 26, but the descendants of John and Milton Bismark Pope still live in Texas.