Allotment #11: Jessie LaFalier Youngblood

David and Jessie LaFalier; Hylton Collection, Myaamia Heritage Museum & Archive

Jessie M. LaFalier Youngblood

Born: March 1885  Died: 1910

The youngest LaFalier sibling, Jessie, was born in Indian Territory in 1885. Her father, Peter, passed away before she was born and very little is known of her mother.  She married a man named John S. Youngblood on October 11, 1900.  They had a son, Sidney, and a daughter, Rose Ione.  Jessie died at just 25 years old, in 1910.  Sidney and Rose lived with their father, who moved to Kaw, Oklahoma, and his family remained within that region in Ponca City and Pawhuska, Oklahoma, as well as over the Kansas border to Arkansas City.