Allotment #16: Jane Drake

Jane Pigeon Drake, Collection of the Myaamia Heritage Museum & Archive


Jane Pigeon Drake

Born: Between 1845-1850  Died: 29 July 1918

It is unclear where Jane was born, and her exact familial relationships to other Myaamia are not certain.  It is possible her family was part of the band of Myaamia who fled to Michigan in order to evade the forced removal from Indiana.  It is also uncertain how or when she came to Kansas.  What is known is that she received an allotment in Kansas, and married Milton K. Drake on that land in 1866.  Milton and Jane had twelve children, eleven of whom received allotments in Indian Territory.  The youngest son of Milton and Jane, and the only child not to receive an allotment, Patrick, was only twelve years old when he died from typhoid fever in 1909.

The Drakes built what is now known simply as “The Drake House” on Jane’s parcel around 1895 and the family continued to farm the land until about 1920.  Milton died in a buggy accident in 1905, and Jane fought to keep the farm successful until her death in 1918, but it was not easy.  Eventually the farm had to be sold, but the house remained standing and was bought and restored by the Miami Nation in 2005.  As one of the few remaining houses from the allotment period, it was placed on the Miami Nation Register of Historic Places in 2006.