Allotment #8: Henry LaFalier

Chief Judy (Lester) Davis held by her great-grandfather Henry LaFalier, and flanked by her grandfathers (from left to right) Oscar Stone, Jim Lester, and Ernest LaFalier, November 1947. Photo courtesy Judy Davis.

Henry LaFalier

Born: 30 March 1869 Died: 14 May 1954

Henry was the second son of Peter and Mary (Beck) LaFalier to be allotted.  After coming to Indian Territory when he was just a small boy, Henry stayed near the family allotment lands the rest of his life. He married Ellie Webb, and they had two children, Ernest and Beulah.  He and Ellie divorced in 1910, and Ernest and Beulah remained living with Henry.  Both Ernest and Beulah remained near the original allotment area their entire lives, and continued with the family tradition of farming.

Henry’s grandson Frank was killed in a flash flood following a spring tornado in 1954, and Henry was heartbroken.  He passed away in his sleep just a week after Frank’s funeral.