Allotment #35: George W. Leonard

George Leonard and wife Cynthia Sigman Leonard; Photo courtesy Clarence E. Hayward.

George Washington Leonard

Born: 22 February 1857  Died: 28 October 1919

George Washington Leonard was the son of Moses and Mary Louisa (Roubidoux) Leonard, and the sister to Mary Bridget (Leonard) Geboe. George was born in Adrian, Michigan, but received a land allotment in Kansas and moved there with his family while he was still a young boy.  In 1877, he married Cynthia Sigman and had a son, Charles, in 1879.  He and Cynthia had another son named Clarence who was born in 1880, and a third boy who died as an infant in 1882.  Cynthia passed away early in 1883, and Clarence died the following spring, at only three years old.

George married Minniehaha Wade in 1884. Minnie’s father Andrew J. Wade was a doctor who worked closely with the Indians residing around Paola, Kansas, and her mother’s ancestry reached back to President John Adams.  George and Minnie had eight children together; six girls and two boys.  The eldest was Helen, born in 1885, and the youngest, Hazel, came in 1900.  Helen’s younger sister Barbara Anna received an allotment, but the next girl in line, Della, was born just a few months after the cut-off date.  Their brothers were Harry and Earl, both of whom died at young ages.  Carrie was born next, followed by Nellie.  Nellie also died at just over a year old.  Minnie (Wade) Leonard died at age 43, in 1904.  Following her death, George had two other short-lived marriages.

For a short period of time, George was employed as a police officer for the Indian Agency, but primarily lived as a farmer, particularly after allotments were made.  The Leonard allotment tracts were north and just slightly west of where the Drake House now stands.