Allotment #4: David Geboe

David Geboe, Collections of the National Anthropological Archives


David Geboe

Born: 5 October 1830  Died: 20 January 1899

One of the eldest members to receive an allotment, David Geboe was born in Kiihkayonki (Fort Wayne, Indiana).  He participated in the removal from Myaamionki as a young adult.  It is not clear whether his parents Peter and Mary Ann were also removed, but it is likely David traveled with some of his siblings and possibly his mother’s siblings.  While in Kansas, he first married Mary Abner. They had three sons, Joseph, Simeon, and Ora.  Joseph and Ora likely died as children, and Simeon died at 29 years old in Indian Territory.  After a divorce from Mary Abner, he married Mary Bridget Leonard and had a daughter, Minnie Mae Geboe.

David Geboe was an integral leader of the Myaamia in a time of uncertainty and upheaval. Along with several other leaders, he traveled to Washington, D.C., to negotiate with the federal government during the treaty period.  He grew into a leadership role and was elected chief in 1886, after the Myaamia moved from Kansas to Indian Territory. After his tenure as head chief, he continued to serve as second chief until his death in 1899.