Allotment #66: Edward Harris

Edward Gibson Harris

Born: 9 February 1874  Died: 16 June 1941

The grandson of Akima Eecipoonkwia (Chief John B. Roubidoux), Edward’s mother Sarah died directly after his birth. His father was Dr. John Harris, who left him in the care of his Myaamia relatives, namely his grandfather and aunt, Sophia Goodboo. He grew up in Indian Territory, and married Ida Belle Cornett in 1895. Together they had six children, four girls and two boys.  They stayed in the Miami area for a few years after marriage before work on the railroad took them west to Oklahoma City, then on to Denver, finally settling in Portland, Oregon.  Though he moved far away from his relatives, Edward never forgot his Myaamia roots.  His son Grant was even able to travel back to his birthplace late in life.  He always made sure the younger generations of nieces and nephews knew they were Miami Indians.